We do things differently

Financial and investment world is very exciting, but also overwhelming with loads of data, advice and options – many times inconsistent with each other.

We focus on basics and fundamental drivers of wealth creation and investment discipline.
We do fundamental research.
We rely on expert opinions.
We leverage each other to get the best results.

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We like to keep things simple and focus on you

Each individual is different – so are you…!

So we focus on YOUR context, needs and circumstances and take a holistic view of your finances. All our efforts are geared to keep things simple for you, yet take full-advantage of the opportunities around.

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We like to leverage technology and layer it with a human touch.

We believe in technology as a tool to harness human intellect with consumer needs. We use advanced tools for our investment research, analysis and testing. We also build applications unique to our approach.

And we provide you access to all of these powerful, but simple tools.

    Finhub is a proprietary tool built around our unique approach.

We like to collaborate and interact.

We believe investment world is evolving and changing constantly.

So we like to collaborate, interact and engage in some thought provoking conversations.
We write blogs, share interesting articles and invite questions/thoughts from you.

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Investing isn’t about beating others at their game. It’s about controlling yourself at your own game..! - Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor