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Our Solutions that enable you reach your financial dreams..!

Explore our result-driven approach to personal financial planning, portfolio advise and execution.

With years of experience and professional competency, our unique approach reflects high level of trust, integrity and long-term focus.

Our approach involves,

● extensive understanding of your financial and personal circumstances

● detailed collection of your current financial information, as relevant

● full estimation of your financial goals for the future, based on your inputs

● understanding your risk tolerance using globally accepted techniques

● prepare a timeline of risk-budgeting for current and upcoming stages of your life

● creating a strategic asset allocation using multi asset framework, based on research and proven techniques

● implement cash-flow based approach to goal-funding, thereby maximizing wealth-creation opportunities

● utilize rebalancing strategies that optimize your risk-budget and liquidity constraints

● use tech-based algorithms to simulate and run what-if scenarios to optimize the plan

Well-suited for DIY investors, who have the experience and time to manage investments on their own,this solution provides access to our proprietary tools and helps you leverage our market-knowledge for a periodic review and action plan, ensuring continuous alignment with your long-term plan.

● access to our proprietary tool Finhub to manage you portfolio on a do-it-yourself basis (DIY).

● periodic (quarter/half-year/annual) review of your financial circumstances and investments.

● re-validation of your investible surplus/financial goals set-forth in the long-term financial plan.

● update your risk tolerance based on changes in external environment (or) your personal situation.

● full-review of current portfolio and suggest rebalancing to ensure re-alignment with long-term plan.

● plan portfolio-additions and withdrawals till next review to ensure goal-funding / optimal asset-creation.

● provide short-term / medium-term opportunities to maximize the returns, subject to your risk profile.

● provide periodic tactical support in selection of investment instruments in different asset classes.

● use tech-based portfolio analysis and optimization models to maximize the returns, within allowed risk.

Take advantage of our deep research and market insight, while gaining full freedom from time-consuming execution and investment management effort, yet keeping control of your finances/investments.

● full account-management services, on non-discretionary basis, saving you valuable time and effort.

● onboarding you to our global partner platform, which offers various investment avenues (direct equity, bonds, direct mutual funds, debt funds, ETFs, global funds, commodity funds and several other asset-classes).

● transfer your existing investments to the investment account, with no loss of value / additional costs .

● initiate the rebalancing actions as agreed in the financial plan, with your approval, and regularly monitor.

● invest your monthly / periodic cash flows into agreed asset-classes and instruments, with your approval .

● offer short-term / tactical investment opportunities to boost your risk-adjusted returns.

● monthly review of your portfolio performance, suggest and execute actions, after your due approval.

● full compliance to relevant SEBI regulations and fiduciary responsibilities of an Investment Advisor.

● provide you seamless access to your investment account through dedicated client login, both web/mobile.

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