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We are a team of passionate finance professionals, with extensive experience in investment and portfolio management, financial planning and corporate valuations. We bring international and domestic experience in fundamental research and valuation of financial instruments (equity/debt/hybrid) issued by companies and other market participants.

With academic qualifications from CFA Institute (USA), NISM (India), IFMR (India) and several other Indian and international certifications, we provide highly contemporary and professional approach to investment management. With decades of training and relevant experience, we are well equipped to deploy result-oriented methodology to our practice, while upholding high standards of ethical conduct, trust and integrity.

Our Approach

Our research, advice and investment approach is driven by these core principles and we strive to provide the benefit of these principles to every individual we work with.

We also believe in collaborating with experts and leverage their opinions for benefit of our clients.

So we are constantly engaged with expert sources, screen them and bring what is relevant to our context. While this collaborative, “best of both worlds” approach, puts immense opportunities at the disposal of our clients – we also help you make the right choices..!

Tools and Support

We use proprietary and industry leading tools to research, analyse and deliver result oriented advice & execution support.
Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. - Warren Buffett

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